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Jasmine Botto
(The BOTTO Team)

Caroline has helped me be amazingly stronger & healthier over the past 4 years. The first year together, I couldn’t believe how out of shape I was and the work we did together was overwhelmingly positive, appropriate for my fitness level, and had enough “wins”  to keep me going –  and motivated!

She offers incredibly well thought out strategies to boost your fitness level, no matter where you start; she has a tremendous, innate sense of what may work right for you, asks lots of good questions, and has this amazing way about her that pushes you just the right amount – it doesn’t actually feel like she is pushing you – it’s more like pulling to a goal that you didn’t even know you had.

She has also been the ONLY person in a string of chiropractors, physiotherapists, and doctors that has been able to solve my hip problem, and while it wasn’t overly serious, it was so challenging to live with day to day with no relief – until she solved my problem.  If I ever miss a session, I feel terrible that I have let not only myself down, but her as well !
Caroline is a highly knowledgeable, caring, flexible, trainer, who will add to your life 100 times more than the fee she charges.  If you want a REAL trainer, who is also a REAL person & can relate to you & your life - its stressors and timelines, and general busy-ness that we all share; if you want to achieve genuine results and improvement in your level of fitness, then for goodness sake, call her now and get going with one of the best experiences of your life.

I can’t thank Caroline enough for assisting me in getting to where I am today.  


Drew Weddell

Having worked with Caroline for the last two years has brought strength to my body where I didn’t know it was missing. She looks at the whole picture to put the pieces back together. She is attentive, incredibly knowledgeable and you will always leave a session smiling. She is truly a one of a kind trainer and I am so grateful to be a client of hers. 


Mike Berton


​Thank you Caroline for being a major part of my recovery training from wheelchair to the Peak to Valley race. I couldn't have achieved this without your encouragement and expertise.


Bob Comer 

"There are moments in life where contact with others changes our trajectory. Like a pinball bouncing off an unseen flipper.

That's the effect Caroline has had on my life. Patient, observant and caring. She has guided me into a new world.

I often think she makes it all up, but underneath there is a strong direction in her training that subtlety changes as your body begins to tune in.

Truthfully she's a bit of a guru....."



"I never thought I could change my body shape. Not only did I lose the weight but I was able to achieve the definition and inch loss!!!  

Thank you Caroline."

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